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London Tel: 020 7467 8301
Cornwall Tel: 01872 248 325
Email: cosmetics@bycsurgery.co.uk

Facial Holistic Massage

Facial Holistic Massage by Susie James.

Susie has worked as a healthcare professional in both the private sector and the NHS for over 30 years. During that time she has studied and followed her interest in holistic therapies. She holds qualifications in Anatomy and Massage, Meditation, Colour and Crystal therapy, Energy Field work, NLP, Hypnotherapy and Access Bars.

It is her belief that we consist of an energy field, science has proven this energy to exist and that it is part of us as whole. Working on balancing this energy will maintain harmony in health and in life.

Access Bars

Access Bars is not your traditional hands on massage therapy, it is a hands on energy therapy. It will make you feel like you have had a deep relaxing massage whilst working on releasing any deep seated tension, emotions, blocks you may be holding onto.

It is a process of applying gentle pressure to 32 points on the head and neck known as Bars each of these points are connected to ideas. beliefs and conditionings we have about ourselves and our lives.

Do you feel:

  • Tense
  • Stressed
  • Unfocused
  • Blocked
  • Frustrated
  • Need more clarity
  • Want to know what is holding you back?

Bars maybe for you!

When your body can let go and when you let go of functioning from thinking or feeling, you become free to BE who you really are, not who you’ve been pretending to be or not to be. You start to have ease with all aspects of living,

So you can Live you life with Ease, Joy and Glory

Crystal Facial Massage

A cleansing facial using Actiderm Natural and Paraben free products, followed by a relaxing facial massage using Kansa and crystal wands designed to help lift and tone the muscles in the face.