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Look younger, not different

March 31st, 2016

When we first begin to consider a face-lift, most of us will wonder what the effect might be and how it will make us look and feel.

We look in the mirror at the face we have lived with for our entire life and study it.

Surely for any woman, her own face must be one of the most familiar things that she can see and yet for many women there comes a moment when the face in the mirror no longer looks like a true reflection of herself.

The woman in the mirror is a little older, a little more tired and a little less confident than she should appear.

And then we all do that one, simple thing. With the tips of our fingers caressing our cheeks, we lift the skin ever so slightly to firm the jaw, emphasise the cheekbones and take the tiredness from our eyes.

With that simple touch, the years roll backwards and we see ourselves as we would like to be.

The same face, but younger. The same woman, but showing more confidence.

That’s what most of us want from a face-lift. Not to look like someone else. Not to look radically different; certainly not to see stitches or bruising. We want an immediate and natural lift effect that improves the contours of our face, maintains our own beauty, makes us look younger and feel more confident.

Silhouette Soft is a non-invasive procedure that takes less than an hour and immediately delivers those results.

Instead of the gentle pressure of your fingers, Silhouette Soft uses re-absorbable sutures with bidirectional cones to lift the skin. The shape and structure of the sutures makes them easy to apply and place precisely so that they achieve the desired result.

Over time the sutures are absorbed by your body but as that process slowly happens the polylacticacid component helps boost your skins natural collagen adding firmness and volume to the area that is being improved.

No scarring, no bruising, no bandages. Not even a sticking plaster. But the results will be immediately visible. You can walk out of the treatment rooms and show them to the world.

The technique has been in medical aesthetic practice for many years worldwide but has only been available in the UK since 2014 and Mr Ahmad is the only surgeon offering this technique in the Southwest.

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